Tips for Eliminating a Paper Wasp Nest

Wasp's nest

Paper wasps are notorious home invaders. These pests are beneficial to the environment and surprisingly unlikely to sting, but they are also fiercely territorial and unfortunately tend to build their nests right around front doors and windows. That means it’s easy to unintentionally upset their nest and put yourself at risk for stings.

It is not necessarily recommended to eliminate paper wasp nests yourself, simply because getting multiple stings can be deadly and possibly fatal. But there are some strategies that can help you ensure that if you do decide to eliminate a paper wasp yourself, you can do so safely.

How to Kill and Prevent Wasps

  • Remove at Night – Nighttime removal is always the best strategy. Paper wasps all go back to their nest and night to sleep/rest. They are least active during this time, and so if you spray the nest they are more likely to die. They are also less likely to attack you if nearby, although if you upset the nest without killing them you can put yourself at risk for stings.
  • Never Try to Eliminate Twice – Wasps are actually excellent at recognizing faces. If you try to eliminate the nest and fail, have someone else do it the next time. Wasps may be very leery to you coming near them if they know you are a threat.
  • Never Light a Nest on Fire – Paper wasps become very aggressive when there is heat around them, and trying to light the nest on fire can cause them to sting almost indiscriminately and in large numbers. The behavior of paper wasps change when under extreme heat. Drowning and/or freezing wasps is better.
  • Always Wear Thick, Protective Clothing – Never take any chances with stings. Wasps can sting multiple times, so a single wasp can cause a lot of painful stings if it gets free. This is especially problematic if you are removing the wasps by hand, because they a sting could cause you to drop what you’re doing before the other wasps are dead.
  • Eliminate Early – Finally, make sure you’re responding to the nest as soon as you see it. The longer you wait, the more workers there are and the larger the nest will become, making it harder to remove. Early removal is key to successful, safe removal.

If you have any allergies to stings at all, it’s important that you never try to remove it yourself either. The risk of at least one sting is too great, especially if you do not have access to the right tools. If you’re simply not ready to remove the wasps yourself, contact Green Pest Solutions. We’re happy to provide you with paper wasp control and prevention services at affordable costs.

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