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Tips to Remove Paper Wasp Nests

Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp

Paper wasps are protective stinging insects that will attack anyone that poses a threat to their nest. They’re not an aggressive species, and despite their size they prefer to leave humans and animals alone, but if you come near their nest they become vicious, and may sting multiple times while you try to get away.

So if you have a nest near your home, it’s important to remove it. But if you simply walk up to the nest and try to spray it you may find yourself getting stung in the process. That’s why you should consider the following paper wasp nest removal strategies:

real wasp house, out in the open, among green leaves

real wasp house, out in the open, among green leaves

  • Remove At Night

Paper wasps are active during the day and sleep at night. The best time to remove them is at night when they’re not monitoring their nests, so that you can sneak in and eliminate them more easily.

  • Use Red Lights

Of course, if you’re removing them at night, you need a way to see them without attracting them to you. Bright lamps can still attract wasps, and if they wake up they may fly directly towards you and your flashlight. Luckily, there is a lot of evidence that stinging insects, like wasps, cannot see red. So if you use a red light flashlight (or cover the flashlight with red plastic or cellophane), you can reduce the chances of an attack.

  • Remove the Nest Completely

It’s best to not simply spray the nest and then wait until the morning to clean it up. Try to do everything in one shot. Spray the nest, then – using gloves and wearing thick clothes – wrap the nest up in a few plastic bags, tie it, and throw it in the trash. You may also want to move the trash away from your home just in case.

Wasp Removal From Green Pest

The above tips can help you remove nests safely, but because wasps always carry the risk of stinging, it’s not always the best idea to try to remove the nests yourself. You may instead benefit more from contacting the professionals at Green Pest Solutions, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware’s leading wasp removal specialist. We’re happy to offer $50 off any wasp nest treatment, and can offer solutions that will help prevent wasps from wanting to build their nests in the future.

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