Unwanted Pests Seek Refuge Inside Homes

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As the remaining days of fall become cooler and the sun starts setting earlier, requests for pest control services for residential pest and termite issues become more frequent. More and more we start to see these uninvited pests seeking refuge in our heated homes. Whether you see them or not, chances are these pests are currently entering the barrier into your home, or may already in your home. What happens next is vital for you and your family to make certain you remain safe and your home remains structurally intact. The next step is really quite simple—contacting your local Green Pest professionals and seeing how our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) goes to work on these undesirable guests.

While many people don’t mind encountering these guests in the outdoor realm; insects, spiders, mice and other furry critters will find a way into your home when temperatures start to reach the freezing point. You must look toward preventative measures before they enter your home. With Green Pest Solutions quarterly service, we will come out to your home a minimum of 4 times a year (perfect control period for the homes in our area of the country). Our microencapsulated materials applied around the foundation of your home will leave a strong barrier on the perimeter to help keep unwanted pests outside. Our winter service, one of the most critical of services we do, additionally provides us the opportunity to inspect your home for a possible rodent infestation. The number one cause of accidental electrical fires in the United States today comes from rodents gnawing on electrical wires. We complete this critical annual inspection free of charge during your winter service period.

It is common for consumers to use over-the-counter pest control products and pesticides to control household pests, but this option often fails to consider the longer-term solutions of preventing the pest complications. With our integrated pest management strategy, and our Green Band Protection System, we will create a protection shield to prevent any unwanted pests from getting into your home.

To keep the pests out in the first place, our Green Pest professionals recommend implementing the following strategies:

  • Don’t provide food for pests. Even the smallest amounts of food can support a large population of roaches or ants. Food elements that find their way into the small nooks and crannies between cabinets and appliances are the usual culprits.
  • Cover indoor and outdoor garbage cans tightly or take the garbage out every night so it’s not sitting for extended amounts of time. Plastic liners will assist in keeping garbage cans clean. Store garbage outside in heavy plastic or metal container with tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep your food in protective, sealed containers that can’t be easily accessed by pests. Try to store as much food as possible in your refrigerator or freezer.
  • Don’t provide water for pests. Promptly repair your dripping pipes. Leaky or “sweating” pipes under the cabinet are a prime water source for unwelcome visitors.
  • Check for holes around water pipes, wiring, and other openings from outside.
  • Clean up after pets as they often scatter bits of food when eating. Feed pets in a limited area that you can easily clean-up to prevent the particles being thrown into hard to reach places. When you pet finishes eating, make sure your pet’s food is stored in a tightly sealed container or in the refrigerator. Try to seal large opened bags of pet food when you aren’t using them.
  • Check outside walls, window ledges, doors and floorboards for openings; seal them with protectant like caulk. Be sure your window screens fit tightly and that door sweeps are intact. Attic and chimney screens can prevent problems with bats, squirrels, birds and other rodents.
  • During periods of drought, more pests may enter your home seeking refuge and water. Never leave water standing in the sink or other containers for extended amounts of time. Do not leave water standing under flowerpots. You may need to remove your pet’s water bowl at night or change to a system that dispenses water as your pet needs it.

Following these basic household pest-prevention guidelines will help you prevent many pest problems. If you cannot prevent these pests from entering and they are already in your home, be sure to contact your local Green Pest professionals at 877-636-9469 to help alleviate any pest problem. If you’re interested in just an inside or outside inspection please call us or schedule a FREE Pest Evaluation. Let your local Green Pest professionals protect your home from ants, carpenter ants, bees, rodents, stink bugs, spiders and much, much more!

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