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What Cockroaches Do in Winter

For many homeowners, there is nothing worse about summer than the influx of cockroaches that seem to invade every year. Cockroaches are vile creatures that carry allergens, eat food, and make a loud crunch when they get stepped on.

That’s why so many homeowners look forward to winter, when it appears that cockroach numbers decrease. Yet what happens to cockroaches in winter, and are they still considered a pest problem?

Most Cockroaches Hibernate

The vast majority of cockroaches hibernate in winter. Some, like the American cockroach, look for piles of wood that maintain their warmth and “sleep” until the weather warms up. This is especially true of cockroaches outdoors. Some pest control companies will seek out these areas and eliminate them so that there are fewer cockroaches when the weather warms.

Some Cockroaches Remain Active

Yet not all cockroaches hibernate. Many remain active if they can get inside of your home. While you may see fewer cockroaches running along your carpet, the cockroaches that have found safety in your kitchen or basement will still be active – feeding and mating as best they can. In fact, some varieties of cockroach, like the Oriental Cockroach, will actually breed almost exclusively during winter.

Some of these very same cockroach species will hibernate, but they’ll hibernate indoors in order to remain warm when they sleep. It’s not uncommon for massive cockroach invasions to have started in winter, when the cockroaches swarmed to stay warm and simply stayed dormant for many of the summer months.

What to Do About Roaches

Roaches can be prevented. Removing clutter and access to food will decrease the likelihood of a cockroach invasion. Exclusion – the act of sealing up all known entranceways – can also be very beneficial. Some pest control companies will also leave baits in case there is an invasion, but only if your home is at significant risk.

If you are concerned about cockroaches this winter – or all of 2016 – contact Green Pest Solutions today at 855-312-7157. We’d love an opportunity to talk to you about our comprehensive cockroach control options, as well as our quarterly Green Band Protection system which keeps your home free of nearly all pests.

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