What Is A Camel Cricket?


Movies and books love to paint a romantic image of crickets chirping in the background on a peaceful summer evening. Anyone who has dealt with a cricket infestation knows they are anything but romantic. And bad news for everyone: camel cricket infestations are on the rise.

Camel Cricket Appearance

Camel crickets are also known as sprickets, spider crickets, and cave crickets. Keeping with its “Spider Cricket” nickname, some people compare the appearance to a spider with long legs. They have an arched back and long hind legs. The majority of its body brown, but it does have a banded pattern on the legs.

This invasive species is from Asia, and you’ll be able to distinguish it from its American cousins because it has a more slender body.

Camel Cricket Sound

Another surprising difference between the crickets? The camel cricket doesn’t make a sound! They don’t have the ability to run their legs together, which is what enables the house cricket to make its iconic sound. So, you’ll notice their presence by their appearance, not their sound, giving them a longer opportunity to make themselves comfortable in and around your home.

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