What Makes Pest Control Eco-Friendly?

And When It’s the Right Choice

Pest Control Eco-Friendly

You’ll see it on most of the pest control websites you visit: eco-friendly services. The definition of eco-friendly is “not harmful to the environment.” That’s a pretty broad definition! So, what does it actually mean, and is it beneficial for you and your family? Is it as effective as standard pest control measures? Today, we’re going over what it means to have pest control that’s eco-friendly and when chemical-free options might not be enough.

What to Know About Pest Control That’s Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly pest control companies use products that utilize biological controls like scents, tastes, and oils combined with safer, greener chemicals. Some examples of eco-friendly, chemical-free pest control include:

  • Using lavender or peppermint oil to keep spiders away
  • Get rid of bed bugs using heat treatments
  • Transporting a beehive to a new location

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Services

  • Safer for you and your pets
  • Less impact on plant life than some chemical options
  • No chemical smell
  • No need to evacuate
  • Won’t harm runoff water

When Other Options Are Necessary

Like everything, you need to weigh the pros and cons of using an eco-friendly service. There are some instances when it is safer for your family to use more substantial methods of pest control, often with the help of chemicals. For example, termites are incredibly destructive pests that require immediate treatment utilizing the most reliable methods.

Preventative Care Is Your Best Eco-Friendly Option.

Green Pest Solutions knows all about the types of invasive pests that are commonly found throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. With those pests in mind, we developed the most effective solution: Green Band Protection System. The Green Band Protection System is a customized pest control program ideal for budget-minded families who want to protect their loved ones from invasive disease-carrying pests, without the fear of someone spraying some chemical agent that could possibly harm the children, pets, or plants in the home. This eco-friendly pest control service targets only invasive pests while leaving the beneficial pests to thrive and support nature. Call us today at 877-636-9469 to request a free quote.