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Where to Look for Bees’ Nest

wasp nest

If you encounter large numbers of bees in or around your home, they have likely made a nest somewhere on your property. Bees are useful creatures, but can turn into a pest problem if you can’t turn around without worrying that you might step on one. Locating your bees’ nest is the first step toward determining if you have an infestation. The following locations are good ones to check for bees’ nests.

wasp nest

wasp nest

  • Birdhouses
  • Sheds
  • Eaves/Awnings
  • Chimneys
  • Bushes
  • Trees

Bees tend to prefer protected, contained spaces for long-term stays and more open, vulnerable ones for temporary stays. Anywhere on your property that there is a dark, enclosed and rarely-disturbed space is a good place to check for a nest, but also be careful when walking around your yard in case the nest is a more temporary one in a bush or tree.

What to Do When You Find the Nest

If you find a bees’ nest in any of the top four places on the list, they have most likely become a pest problem and need to be removed. Leave them alone when you find them initially. You can either come back later wearing protective layers and wielding a spray such as Raid to use to kill them, or you can call a pest professional to exterminate the bees for you.

If you find your bees’ nest on a bush or tree on your property and their size, coloring and behavior seems to indicate that they are honeybees, it is possible that the bees are simply making a temporary home and will be moving on in a few more days.

What to Do If You Don’t Find the Nest

If you don’t find a bees nest, either you simply live in an area with a large bee population, one of your neighbors may have a nest (which is a good reason to suggest that they to look into it themselves), or you may simply not have been able to find it and can call in a pest professional to look around the property for you.

Whether you find the source of your bee problem or not, you can call Green Pest today to check out the bees and the property, and for $50 off your first bee removal treatment.

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