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Why Are Ants in Your Dishwasher?

And How to Get Rid of Them


Updated April 2021

You’ve probably seen ants marching through your kitchen at one point or another looking for food. You might even expect to see them crawling toward the crumbs. What you might not expect is to find them in your…dishwasher. Why are they there, and how can you get rid of them?

Why Are Ants in Your Dishwasher?

While it seems like an unconventional place for them to search for food, there are a couple of reasons it makes sense you would discover them there:

  • There is a steady source of food. Every time you put a dish or a bowl in the dishwasher without a full rinse, the ants get to feast. And you’re not likely going to run your dishwasher every day, so the mess stays for longer.
  • There are also many ways into a dishwasher because it is not sealed completely. It makes an easy target for ants once they get into your home.

Did you know ants are also attracted to your kitchen sink? Just like your dishwasher, when food and grease build-up, it’s the perfect feeding spot with a nearly endless supply of goodies. While it might not be their first stop in your kitchen—crumbs on the floor are an easier find—it is certainly appealing. Ants will gladly climb inside and get a snack. Then, they let other members of their colony know they found food.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Dishwasher

You might be hopeful in thinking that a hot rinse would eliminate them, but ants have no problem hiding in the cracks during the wash cycle. And unfortunately, an ant-killing spray won’t get rid of ants in your dishwasher because it would only kill the ants who are there, not the other ants in the colony who are on their way.

ant Use a Delayed Lure

Commercial bait can be the most effective killer of ants anywhere in your home. The bait holds poison designed to attract ants who then carry it back to their nest, exposing the others in their colony. For issues in your dishwasher, simply place the lure just outside of it. Ants are social creatures and share everything with their colony. So, the ant will bring some of the “food” back and poison the entire colony. Expect it to be a gradual eradication, and give it time to work.

Clean Your Dishwasher

Killing the ants with a lure is the key to taking care of the problem. You also need to prevent a new colony from finding the awesome snack spot. Follow your manufacturer’s directions and give your dishwasher a good cleaning to ensure there isn’t leftover food available.

Kick Ants out with Help

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