Will Lavender Oil Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

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Does lavender oil get rid of bed bugs?

It’s always great when you can find natural, chemical-free ways to handle pests. Essential oils can be used for many pest problems, so will lavender oil get rid of bed bugs?

Will Lavender Oil Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

It depends. Lavender oil is used to address many pest problems, and bed bugs don’t like them either. You can use it as a deterrent by spritzing it on your mattress. And if you find a bed bug or eggs, a direct spray will kill them.

However, it is not a thorough treatment. Bed bugs infest all areas in your home, even beyond your bed. You will need to use it in conjunction with other treatment options to truly rid yourself of this pest.

Bed Bug Treatment Options

  • Use Heat: Put the black trash bags full of linens, clothing, and towels outside into direct sunlight, preferably in 80F+ degrees and leave them there until sunset. Heat should kill the existing bugs. If it’s cooler than that outside, put your things straight into the dryer for a longer time than usual. Now wash (in hot water) and dry everything and toss the trash bags in an outdoor trash can. Mattresses and box springs are difficult to tote outside, so they often require chemical treatments. These are less effective, though, and the mattress and box spring are often ruined. Prevent new mattresses and box springs from being ruined by covering them with a bed bug-proof pad to starve them.
  • Clean Areas of Infestations: Give every room a thorough cleaning by scrubbing every surface with a stiff brush (this cleans off the eggs) and vacuuming. Vacuum every carpet multiple times to ensure you get every bug. Then use an attachment to vacuum every inch of the room (including furniture) several times over to ensure every spot has been covered. Toss vacuum cleaner bags in outside cans immediately.
  • Insecticide Strips: Put personal items made of fabric like throw blankets and pillows, stuffed animals, and slippers into black trash bags with insecticide strips. Keep these bags outside for a few days, as well.
  • Spray: Cover every inch of your cleaned home with a residual liquid, aerosol, or dust insecticide. Concentrate on potential points of entry, like baseboards, molding, windows, door frames, baseboards, furniture (especially beneath chairs and beds) to kill any eggs or bed bug stragglers.

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Bed Bugs Facts and Checklist

Bed Bugs Facts and Checklist

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