Spotted Lanternfly Control

What is a Spotted Lanternfly?

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive plant-hopper Spotted Lanternfly Lifecyclenative to parts of China, India, Vietnam and eastern Asia. This pest was first spotted in the United Stated in Berks County, PA in 2014. Since then, spotted lanterflies have spread throughout the PA, NJ and DE tri-state area. After they hatch, it only takes about two months for them to reach adulthood and swarm by the hundreds.

The Spotted Lanternfly feeds on the plant sap of various plants like grapevines, maples, black walnut, Chinese sumac better known at the tree of heaven, and more. These pests can swarm by the hundreds, causing a ton of property damage and destroying valuable crops.

Green Pest Solutions Spotted Lanternfly Control

We will recommend anywhere from two to four applications to take care of your spotted lanterfly issue. The number of applications will depend on the time of year, the lifecycle stage and your individual property needs. Each application will be performed roughly 30 days from the previous application. The methods we will use to treat will again depend on individual conditions but this is what you can can expect from our Spotted Lanternfly Program:

  • Significant control of Spotted Lanternfly activity on your property
  • Protection for trees & shrubs
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

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