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As part of the Greater Philadelphia area and with the emergence of several successful businesses, Bucks County is experiencing rapid growth. The population has quintupled in the last 50 years, and yet the vast majority of homes were built before 1975.

Both older and newer homes are at risk of pest invasions, and older home are at especially great risk given the structural degradation that occurs over time. When you are struggling with pests, or want to avoid any pest problems this upcoming year, you should contact Green Pest Solutions.

A Local Exterminator You Can Trust

We’re proud to provide our pest control services to Bucks County, with both specialty services and monthly/quarterly pest control available. Our quarterly pest control service keeps your home free of insects like ants, spiders, centipedes and fleas. We also offer both one time and monthly services that include:

  • Bed Bug Control (Onetime)
  • Bee Control (Onetime)
  • Termite Control (Onetime)
  • Wasp Control (Onetime)
  • Mosquito Control (Monthly) and More

We have our highly regarded Green Band Protection System which protects your home from pest invasions year round, and many of the services your home needs to remain pest free. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, and our history in the Bucks County area have made us one of the most sought after pest control solutions for both homeowners and businesses.

Contact Us For Affordable Pest Control

Green Pest Solutions is proud to be a part of the Bucks County area, and we’re ready to show you what we can do. Contact us today at 855-569-1720 to learn more about our pest solutions, or to contact us with a pest problem.

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