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Pest Control Kennett Square, PA

When you’re looking for a pest control company in Kennett Square, PA that will get rid of all your pesky pests quickly and efficiently, look no further than Green Pest Solutions. Our experts are licensed and follow the most rigid guidelines so we can take care any type or size infestation without risking the safety of your family or home. Pests like cockroaches, termites ants bees might be bad news but they aren’t going to win anytime soon thanks to Green Pest Solutions.

Comprehensive Pest Control in Kennett Square, PA

Our Quarterly Pest Control Program

We think that prevention is the best way to handle pests, which is why we developed our pest prevention program for our neighbors in Kennett Square, PA. This approach starts by treating your outside and working in only safe measures–humans, animals, and plants stay safe, while pests can’t get inside. This program includes:

  • A starter pest control service to set your home up for future success
  • Quarterly treatments that begin 30 days after the initial evaluation and service
  • An annual termite evaluation to prevent this destructive pest from causing harm to your home and family
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure your confidence in your pest-free home

Extermination Services for Our Neighbors in Kennett Square, PAAnt-in-grass-scaled

Unfortunately, no matter your preventative measures, some pests can still find their way into the home. If this happens don’t worry and give Green Pest Solutions a call instead! We frequently treat for:

  • Ants invading homes
  • Cockroaches
  • Stinging pests
  • Stink bugs
  • Spiders
  • Spotted lanternflies
  • Silverfish
  • And more

Termite Inspection and Extermination in Kennett Square

If you want to avoid the many financial and structural damages caused by termites, then get in touch with Green Pest Solutions. We offer inspection services as well as termite extermination treatments that ensure all threats from this pest are removed before it becomes too late! As a general rule of thumb, we recommend yearly inspections for termites to prevent this pest from causing too much damage. Of course, call us if you notice any signs sooner.

Kennett Square Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can be a real nightmare, but they don’t have to be! With our bed bug control services in the Kennett Square area, we can quickly rid you of this pest. Our experienced team is knowledgeable in modern treatments that are proven to work against bed bugs. We guarantee satisfaction with our service; and if you want the peace of mind that having us on call brings, sign up for our Complete pest program that protects you against 40+ pests, including bed bugs.

You Enjoy Kennett Square, PA. We’ll Handle the Pests.

Spend your free time in Kennett Square, PA, and enjoy all it has to offer! Pest control isn’t necessary when you can just call Green Pest Solutions for help. We will handle everything to give you back your freedom to explore Kennett Square. And you’ll need that extra time so you can experience everything available to this community’s neighbors and visitors.

Enjoy the fresh air offered in Kennett Square at Anson B Nixon Park. The park offers an open, natural, and largely passive environment that lends itself to both tranquil and rigorous pursuits, with free access to the general public.

Longwood Gardens is located in Kennett Square, PA. It is one of the world’s great horticultural displays, encompassing 1,077 acres of dazzling gardens, woodlands, meadows, fountains, 10,010-pipe Aeolian organ and 4.5-acre conservatory. Longwood inspires people through excellence in garden design, horticulture, education and the performing arts, through programming that includes exhibitions, musical performances by leading artists, renowned horticulture education programs, and more.

Choose Green Pest Solutions for Pest Control in Kennett Square, PA.

Pests belong outside, not in your Kennett Square home or business. The qualified exterminators at Green Pest Solutions are skilled at keeping these creatures at bay. Our individualized solutions are designed to protect your family and employees from creatures of all kind.

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