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The pests in Havertown, PA are different from other areas of the country. This means it’s essential you work with a local pest control company like Green Pest Solutions that knows about our unique bugs and their impacts on humans as well as home or business owners’ properties! We provide customized solutions to protect you and your loved ones from both dangerous and pesky pests.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services in Havertown

Our Quarterly Pest Prevention Program

Keeping your home and business pest-free can be a full-time job, but the pest prevention program from our company can take all the tedious work out of it for you. Our comprehensive program is tailored to your unique needs, and our experienced professionals are ready to help you locate and eliminate any pests that may be lurking in your most vulnerable areas. We offer both indoor and outdoor protection, so no matter what kind of pest invasion you have or where it’s coming from, we’ll have a solution ready to go! Put away the traps and sprays that don’t work – with us on the job, your home will stay pest-free with minimal effort on your part. This year-round solution includes:

  • An Initial Service & Full Inspection
  • 30 day follow up with Quarterly pest control visits
  • A free annual termite inspection to ensure your home is free from this devastating pest
  • A guarantee we will be back as many times as necessary if pests return

Extermination and Inspection Services with Termite Control in Havertown PA

Need to get rid of pests? Look no further than Our Extermination Services and Termite Control! We will take care of any and all pests that enter your home or business, quickly and efficiently. Plus, we offer comprehensive termite inspection and control services to protect your property from expensive damage.

Havertown PA Bed Bug Treatment & Inspection

Are you noticing signs of bed bugs in your home or business? Don’t wait longer than necessary to get rid of them. We provide effective and efficient Bed Bug Treatment & Inspection Services for Havertown PA. Our exterminators are highly trained and experienced in finding and eliminating all types of pests, including bed bugs. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure

We’ll Handle the Pests While You Explore Havertown.

If you had to choose between spending your free time doing pest control or exploring everything our bustling town has to offer, what would you pick? It’s easy to choose when you know the best of the best in our area:

  • The Historic Grange Estate: Visit The Historic Grange Estate to take a step back in time and learn about the history of Havertown, PA. There are special events you can mark your calendar for. We especially recommend you visit during the holidays!
  • The Crossbar: With a family deeply rooted in Delco soccer, local brothers put their head together to establish a traditional pub with a friendly, warm environment where the local and outlying community can come enjoy a game and share a cold pint.

Choose Local for your Havertown Pest Control.

Wage war on infestations in your home or business by calling in the expert technicians at Green Pest Solutions. Locally owned, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the business, as well as eco-friendly treatments that still deliver the results you require.

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