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Philadelphia County is the most populous county in Pennsylvania, with Philadelphia as one of the highlights of the state. This compact area has a great culture and an amazing history, but the humid weather and proximity to the water makes it a prime host for pests and unwanted visitors. Termites pose an especially challenging Philadelphia pest control issue. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, roaches, rodents and carpenter ants are just a few of the many other pests that can pose a threat to your family and property.

The best way to clear your home of pests is with a quarterly pest service, and those in Philadelphia County that want a quarterly pest control service contact Green Pest Solutions. Our quarterly Philadelphia pest control service typically provides the ideal time interval for spotting the telltale signs of a new infestation — and stopping it before it can become a major issue.

Why Green Pest Solutions for Local Pest Control?

Green Pest Solutions is the number one provider of pest control and extermination solutions in Philadelphia County, serving all areas including:

  • North Philadelphia
  • West Philadelphia
  • South Philadelphia
  • Northeast Philadelphia and More

From neighborhoods like Point Breeze and Fishtown, we make it our goal to provide homes and businesses with the quarterly pest control services that they need to keep pests at bay. We’re a local pest control company with a history of working in and around Philadelphia, and our Pennsylvania based business is proud to provide each and every local customer with the prevention and extermination services they need.

A Wide Range of Specialized Termite Control Services in Philadelphia

We also offer specialty services, such as termite control and bed bug removal, and we have several affordable rates to help you save in today’s tougher economic climate. Our termite control services in Philadelphia are geared toward reducing the threat posed by the Eastern subterranean termite, a wood-devouring pest known for creating extensive damage in Philadelphia and throughout the tri-state region. We’ll help you protect and preserve what is likely to be your single biggest investment: your home.

Pest Control Services Provided by Our Highly-Trained Exterminators

Our termite control services and other pest control solutions are performed by well-trained, knowledgeable Philadelphia exterminators. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the unique pest control issues that are prevalent in the area. We’re able to recognize the specific signs of infestation and recommend the best treatment option for your particular situation.

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Don’t let termites or other problem pests destroy your home, or place the well-being of your family at risk. If you’re ready to work with one of the best pest control companies out there, contact us today and get started with our affordable pest solutions. We’ll be happy to schedule a free in-home pest inspection at your convenience. We’ll even give you $50 off your residential service treatment!

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