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Pests that live outside of your home don’t belong in your Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware home. While pests such as mice, ants, bees and spiders are perfectly suited for outdoor living, they’re not shy about entering your home in search of food, shelter, or breeding ground.

In addition to being disgusting and annoying, these pests could also pose a health risk to you and your family. At Green Pest Solutions, our reliable, experienced exterminators can provide the right home pest control solution that keeps these creatures where they should be: outside your home.

Home Pest Control in PA, NJ and DE

Green Pest Solutions, a division of Green Lawn Fertilizing, is prepared to tackle those invasive pests by setting up their Green Band Protection system around your home. Our budget-friendly home pest control solution keeps bugs out with limited use of harmful chemical pesticides inside the home. And, for those found inside, Green Pest Solutions will bait and trap where necessary to treat and remove them quickly. You won’t have to put up with creepy, disease-carrying pests crawling on your walls and floors or helping themselves to your food supply.

By providing a customized family-friendly treatment program specifically designed to protect your home, you can be assured that Green Pest Solutions will do their best to protect those you love.

Our Skilled Exterminators Can Provide the Best Pest Control Solution for Your Home

Each of our highly skilled technicians are trained in the latest application methods, proper equipment use and maintenance, and will answer any questions you may have about the materials being used to treat the areas around and inside your home. We can also provide regular quarterly service to ensure a pest-free home throughout the year. We are also able to conduct annual termite and rodent inspections during the winter months.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeAs your local Green Pest Solutions provider, we stand behind our Money Back Guarantee, because we will respect your home as if it was our own, and your peace of mind is important to us. We won’t stop until you have the pest-free home you deserve.

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To schedule your FREE In Home Evaluation in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland, please complete the form, or call Green Pest Solutions at 877-636-9469. We look forward to helping you and your neighbors get rid of pests once and for all!

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