How to Reduce Your Risk for Ticks and Lyme Disease


Of all of the diseases you can catch from house pests, one of the most problematic is Lyme disease. This bacterial based disease can cause permanent neurological damage if left untreated, including mental health problems and pains. The best way to avoid the dangers of Lyme disease is by avoiding ticks. The following are several strategies to stay safe from ticks and Lyme disease this year.

Introduction to Lyme Disease

Ixodes scapularis

Pests can be scary. But despite these fears, the pest you may need to fear most is one you almost never see, that is usually no bigger than a pencil eraser and rarely steps foot inside of your home. That pest is a tick, and more specifically, the deer tick.

Common Spring Pests in PA, NJ, and DE

Ants on Flower

Spring is prime time for pests. While you may not see as many pests right away (since most start breeding around spring and start invading around summer) there are some pests that are very common during the spring months, and these are the ones you’re going to want to prevent with Pennsylvania pest control.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe From Pests This Year

Dogs in the yard

When it comes to pest problems, it’s not your family that is most at risk. It’s often your pets. That is because pets have no way of avoiding pests the way humans do, nor are they able to tell humans accurately when they are suffering from pest related issues. That’s why keeping your pets safe should be one of your top priorities. The following are several tips for ensuring our pets stay safe all summer.

3 Do It Yourself Ways to Kill Ants


If you’ve ever experienced an ant invasion, you know annoying they can be. No matter what you do, the ants keep coming back, and in some cases they swarm thousands upon thousands at a time all around your kitchen and bathroom. Stepping on a few won’t matter, and removing the foods they’re swarming will rarely make a difference. You need a way to kill as many ants as possible in order to get them off of your property.