3 Tips to Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Your Pets

Pest control is not just for keeping yourself comfortable. They’re also for the safety of your family, and perhaps no family member is at risk as much as your pets.

Pets are especially prone to ticks and fleas, as both of these very small insects love to burrow inside a pet’s fur, and your pets do not have the ability to tell you that they’re having a problem. It can be especially problematic because flea bites may lead to infection, and tick bites could carry disease.

Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas and Ticks

The best way to keep your pet safe is through prevention, because once your pet already has these biting insects on their skin they are already at risk for the damage. The following are some simple and easy ways to protect your pet all summer.

Use Approved Flea/Tick Medicines – It all starts with traditional flea and tick medications. Try to use only well tested medicines like K9 Advantix and Frontline, because these medicines are not known to damage your pet’s organs. Some of the less expensive medications may be too toxic for most pets. These medicines can be very effective, and although they won’t prevent all bites, they will reduce the likelihood of a significant problem.

Seal Cracks – Fleas can come inside the home to feed, provided they have an opening. It’s not uncommon for flea invasions to start inside of the home because the fleas came inside while your pet slept. That’s why it’s important to seal any open spaces, and make sure fleas cannot easily enter the home and bite your pet.

Clear Brush and Grass – Ticks love to hide in long grasses, fallen branches, and bushes. They hide where they feel safe, and latch onto humans and animals that walk by. Clearing out the clutter and keeping your grass at a reasonable length with regular mowing will reduce the amount of hiding spots for ticks, and ultimately reduce ticks.

Pest Control for Pets

While pest control is often seen as a way to keep you comfortable, it’s arguably just as important for your pets, if not more so. Look to see what you can do to protect your pet, and don’t forget about preventative pest control from Green Pest Solutions.

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