5 Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a stressful home pest. Cockroaches are abundant in Pennsylvania and a common home invader. They eat your food, they surprise your family, and they carry oils that can lead to significant allergies and problems for those with asthma.

Learning more about cockroaches can be helpful in dealing with them both mentally and physically. The following are some important and/or interesting facts about cockroaches.

Random Cockroach Facts

  • Most Invasive Cockroaches Still Live Outdoors – Contrary to popular belief, very few cockroaches actually set up residence inside of your home. Most live outdoors and come inside for food, warmth, and water, but still prefer to live somewhere outdoors. A few, like the German cockroach, prefer to live indoors, but most prefer to live outdoors, which means that a cockroach seen indoors means that there are entrance points around your home.
  • Cockroaches Can Survive Without Food – While most come inside for food, sealing up your food doesn’t necessarily solve the problem after it has already occurred. First, cockroaches can survive for a while without food. Second, there are food sources outside that cockroaches enjoy, and some – like the German cockroach – will eat nonfood items.
  • Cockroaches Like Corners for a Reason – You will most often see cockroaches in cracks and crevices around the home, or crawling along the corner of a wall. This isn’t just because they’re trying to hide. They are also thigmotropic, which means they are most comfortable when they feel something around them.
  • Cockroaches Can Live On Non-Food Because of Bacteria – One of the main reasons cockroaches can eat non-food items is because they get most of their nutrition from the bacteria that lives on their bodies, not from the foods they eat. A cockroach can eat book binding and survive because their vitamins come from germs on their back.
  • Cockroaches Can Hold Their Breath for 40 Minutes – Before you think about flushing cockroaches down the toilet, you should probably not that they can hold their breath for as long as 40 minutes and survive when submerged in water. This allows them to move from house to house through sewer systems. Flushing the cockroach will not kill it.

The good thing about cockroaches is that with a good cockroach control treatment, they can be stopped. But the above facts are some of the reasons that cockroaches make such fascinating pests. If you believe you might have a cockroach problem or want to prevent cockroaches this upcoming year, contact Green Pest Solutions today at 877-636-9469.

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