6 Easy Ways to Annoy Mosquitoes


Mosquito on SkinWith their high-pitched buzz, rapid spawning and endless biting, mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects to have living on your lawn.  Take the following steps to annoy mosquitoes as much as they annoy you, and hopefully drive them off of your lawn for good.

  • Rake Up Grass Clippings – After mowing, it’s tempting to leave the grass clippings lying all over the lawn. Avoid giving in to this temptation, as mosquitoes will hide in grass clippings, while clippings that land in or drift into stagnant water will make it extra appealing for mosquitoes to lay eggs in.
  • Change Water in Birdfeeders – If you have birdfeeders, you can keep birds happy and discourage mosquitoes by replacing the water every 1-3 days. Standing water left out for 4 days or more makes an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Fill Puddles – If there are places in your yard where puddles consistently form when it rains, try filling them with dirt or mulch so that they don’t have the chance to become filled with baby mosquito larvae.
  • Empty Water in Plant Dishes – Plants in pots with water dishes underneath for catching excess water make a lovely addition to a lawn, but leaving water sitting in those dishes can attract mosquitoes in no time. Watch these dishes and try to empty them the next day if the excess water has not yet evaporated.
  • Grow Plants Mosquitoes Hate – Mosquitoes are not fans of plants that have strong scents, such as marigold, lemon grass, mint, garlic or rosemary. All of these plants except for marigold make excellent cooking ingredients, and eating them yourself can help to make your body slightly mosquito repellent, as well.
  • Make Sprays – If you don’t have the time to wait for plants to grow, you can use the oil of plants that mosquitoes hate combined with water in a spray bottle to spray over your lawn. Try and spray your lawn early in the day to give it a chance to evaporate, as direct sun on wet plants can actually burn the plants.

Family sitting in hammock - Mosquito free

If you are sick of being covered with red, itching bites every time you go outside and would prefer to have someone professional see to your mosquito-ridden lawn for you, call your local lawn service professionals at Green Pest.  We are proud to offer our mosquito, flea, ant and tick control to residences throughout the state of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

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Guide to Mosquitoes

Guide to Mosquitoes

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