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Bed Bugs In Your Car? What to Do Next


Bed bugs have a deceiving name. They aren’t just found in beds. They have been found on public transportation, couches, carpets, and more. Did you know you can also get bed bugs in your car? If you discover them, don’t panic! Here’s what to do:

What to Do after You Find Bed Bugs in Your Car

1. Heat Treatments: Remove and wash all things that can come out of your car—seat covers, rugs, etc. Put what you can in a dryer for 30-60 minutes. The washing machine together with heat from the dryer will not kill the bed bugs and any eggs that might be attached to them. Not everything can be removed and put in the dryer, so you can leave rugs and seat covers in the hot sun for a few hours. Putting them in a plastic bag can help insulate the heat.

2. Steam cleaning: Steam-cleaning uses steam to kill bed bugs and get them out from their tight hiding places. This method also kills the bugs in all the stages of their life-cycle, which includes the eggs.

3. Chemicals and pesticides: Chemical insecticides and pesticides can be used to treat bed bugs. This generally isn’t the first option though because you (and your kids and pets) spend a lot of time in this tiny space.

4. Diatomaceous earth: Diatomaceous earth is mineral that kills bed bugs instantly by dehydrating them. Simply add it to all cracks and seams in your car then vacuum up the debris.

5. Vacuum: After you have killed the bugs, use a vacuum to remove them. A HEPA filter vacuum or shop vac is helpful. Pay extra attention to the inseams of the upholstery and under the seats.

We Have Bed Bug Solutions.

You don’t have to deal with this invasive pest by yourself. We also come about and inspect for them, so if you are concerned you might be dealing with the bug, we know just where to look. Call us today at 855-312-7157 to learn more about how we look and treat bed bugs.

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