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What Do Dust Mites Look Like? And More Facts


Dust mites are tiny arachnids—so tiny, you need a microscope to view them! Many people are allergic to dust mites, having reactions when they inhale the petite pest. So what does this pest look like, where does it live, and can you prevent it?

Dust Mites: An Overview

Color: Creamy white, translucent

Size: Less than 1/100″, meaning you cannot see them with your eyes, even though you might see some dust particles.

Appearance: Tiny blobs of moisture with sharp appendages. They prefer 70% humidity, so it’s no wonder they look like liquid. They have two body parts.

Location: They like to be where you are (you’re plenty warm and moist!), hiding out on your bed, couch, and pillows.

Diet: Dead skin, so if you have bite marks, it’s not a dust mite

Prevention: Dust- and allergen-resistant covers for pillows, box springs, and mattresses help, but there aren’t conventional ways to prevent them like other pests.

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