Different Items used when rodent trapping

Mouse in house

There is no denying that a rodent problem is always significant. Rats and mice carry diseases, they bite, they pee, and they can destroy many of your treasured belongings. The moment you find rats in your home, you need to eliminate them.

So you rush to the store and buy rat traps. But these rat traps don’t come with baits. You have to figure out what food will attract them, and so you scour what’s left of the food the rats haven’t yet eaten for a good bait.

Is Cheese the Best Bait for Rat Traps?

In cartoons, the most common bait for mice and rodents is cheese. It is strong smelling, made of fat, and delicious to those without lactose intolerance. But you may be surprised to find out that mice don’t actually like cheese. In fact, the smell alone tends to be enough to make them run away.

Mice will eat almost anything, so for them to shy away from cheese says something about how effective cheese is as a bait. While you may in theory be able to catch a mouse with cheese if they get very hungry, if you want to catch them quickly you need to choose something that appeals to them more. That includes:

  • Sweets
  • Peanut Butter
  • Proteins
  • Bacon
  • Sardines
  • Cotton balls

Peanut butter is by far the most popular snack for mice, and chocolate has also been known to have some success. Often professionals will actually place a peanut butter cup (both peanut butter and chocolate) and use that on a trap. Others use cake, and some use little jellies or small candies.

Mice will eat anything, but they are especially fond of peanut butter and sweet things, along with carbohydrates. Any of those set in a location where the mice frequent already is a great choice for rat bait.

Help For Your Mice Extermination

Mouse traps are the most common way to get rid of rodents, and in order for the mouse trap to work you need to make sure you have chosen a good bait. You should also consider rat extermination from the hands of an expert. At Green Pest, we’re skilled at handling all types mouse problems. Contact us today to get $50 off of your first rodent control service.