Do Centipedes Have 100 legs?

And Other Frequently Asked Questions


Centipedes are often considered the creepiest crawlies that invade your home. Are they misunderstood or as creepy as they sound? See if these frequently asked questions help you decide!

Frequently Asked Questions about Centipedes

  • Does a centipede have 100 legs? Some people might be disappointed to learn centipedes do not have 100 legs. They probably have somewhere between 15 and 170+ pairs of legs. Each pair is in one segment of the body.
  • Are centipedes nocturnal? Yes! This pest is not known to run around during the daytime, so you’ll probably only notice them at night. This creepy-crawly is known for the fast way it slithers around, making people very nervous when they wake up in the middle of the night and discover them in the bathroom.
  • What does a centipede eat? This pest can actually help you handle other pests! Their diet consists of soft-bodied insects, spiders, worms, and even another centipede.
  • Does a centipede bite? Many people are surprised to learn that centipedes bite using their hollow legs that are adapted with claws. Sometimes, they are referred to as “poison claws,” as it injects venom into victims through small puncture wounds. For most people, a bite is not a serious threat, but those who are allergic should seek medical help immediately.
  • Why do you have a centipede infestation? This pest, like many, comes into your home to find food and water. As they eat other insects, you might have another pest infestation that you don’t even know about. They also go where there is water, so if you see centipedes, you might have a leak you need to address.

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