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How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls

Steps You Can Take

Mouse Poop versus Rat Poop

Mice get inside your home when they find an opening big enough to let them through. Don’t let that little crack fool you! A baby mouse only needs a hole as big as a pen to sneak in, while an adult can fit in a dime-sized hole. Mice get inside your home to find a warm space to nest, safety from predators, and food. Oftentimes, that safe spot is in your wall. You might hear scurrying in the wall or start to smell something musty. That closed-off space can be intimidating to treat, so how do you get rid of mice in walls?

How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls

  1. Try to locate the tiny areas of access where they might be able to get in and out of the walls, remembering that they only need a hole as big as the width of a pen. Position snap traps along the edge of the walls where you hear mice scurrying. While cartoons might make you think cheese is a favorite, there are many foods mice like better. Remember to be very careful about young children and pets who might not know to leave the traps alone! 
  2. Do NOT use poison because the mice could die in the wall, leaving you with a smelly and potentially dangerous problem on your hands.
  3. Remember that where there is one mouse, there are more. Don’t stop your treatment until you go a few days without any signs of this rodent. Then, once you are confident you are mouse-free, patch up the access hole.

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