Do Insects Sleep?

insect fly

For all living organisms to function properly, regular rest is needed. Humans and animals sleep, and even plants take a break. You know some insects are nocturnal and maybe you’ve noticed your ant problem is worse during the day. Does that mean that insects sleep like humans?

Do Insects Sleep?

Well, kind of. Just not how we think of sleep. Their rest is called torpor. During torpor, insects stay very still and don’t respond easily to outside stimuli. They will go into this state wherever they feel comfortable and safe from predators and can pop right out of this restful state within seconds. And if you have noticed patterns into your pest problem, you’re probably right—insects are either more active during the day or at night.

For example, some bees will cling onto a plant, curl their legs up, and rest until morning. You’ve probably seen images of migrating butterflies resting in masses among trees. And many types of ants rest for minutes at a time, multiple times a day.

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