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Types of Crickets: Camel vs House


When you think of crickets, you probably imagine incessant chirping on summer evenings. If you’ve had an infestation, your thoughts probably go right to the headache of getting rid of them but maybe not the noise level. That’s because the different types of crickets have different behaviors, including whether or not they chirp. Here’s how you can identify which crickets are plaguing your home:

Types of Crickets


Other names: Sprickets, spider crickets, and cave crickets

Appearance: It has an appropriate nickname: spider cricket. That’s because it has long legs like a spider, so imagine a jumping spider. Yikes! Its body is brown, and it has banded legs. It’s also more slender than its cousin.

Sound: The camel cricket doesn’t make a sound! They don’t have the same ability to rub their legs together like the typical house cricket.

Signs of an infestation: Because these crickets don’t chirp, you’ll have to see them to know they’re there. That means they have extra time to infest your home.


Other names: Acheta domesticus

Appearance: House crickets are yellow-brown and have stripes across their head. They have six legs and wings that lay flat.

Sound: This is the type you imagine when you hear “cricket.” They have a loud chirp which the males use to attract mates.

Signs of an infestation: You’ll likely first notice an infestation when you hear their “calling song” at night (they’re nocturnal). They do eat fabric, but you probably won’t see it without a magnifying glass.

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