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Enough is Enough: When to Call an Exterminator


Unwanted guests?

We share the world around us with a multitude of other creatures from insects to mammals. For the sake of food, warmth and shelter, occasionally these pests invade the comfort of our living spaces and territories. Each species of unwanted guest harbors health or safety concerns for family members. Many pests reproduce quite rapidly and before owners take notice, may have a sizable colony established. Pests that keep appearing despite elimination efforts may require knowledgeable intervention on the part of a pest control expert.

Choose Carefully

Before deciding on the services of a local exterminator, do some research. Interview prospective exterminators and obtain a list of credentials. Using certain chemical agents requires licensing, which ensures adequate training and knowledge for safe substance use. Determine what methods the specialist uses for the particular problem. Talk to several companies and ask for references. Find out whether a company guarantees the work. Though homeowners are often at their wit’s end by the time they contact a professional, choosing an exterminator wisely ensures cost effective and reliable pest removal.

Ants or Termites

Ants create a common nuisance, as they burrow, create mounds and crawl around in large numbers. The many types of ants found in and around a home include the fire, or red ant. Each one of these small pests has the potential for inflicting an uncomfortable bite, which for some may cause an allergic reaction. Effectively eradicating ants requires more than killing the few dozen workers that often make an appearance. Ant nests commonly contain hundreds or thousands of unseen pests, requiring methods that ensure adequate exposure. Winged ants and winged termites bear a close resemblance and homeowners experiencing the latter have a much more serious infestation, requiring professional exterminator assistance.

Bees and Wasps

The possibility of having an anaphylactic reaction causes many to steer clear of bees, wasps and stings. The impending threat of African bees colonizing with American bees and reproducing causes fear in many. Most people commonly see a bee or two gathering nectar and pollen from backyard plants. Problems occur when these insects decide to take up residence in homes or other structures. Unlike hornets or wasps, once bees find a satisfactory location, the colony remains year after year. Homeowners rarely see the extent of these highly populated areas. Bees easily build a community containing tens of thousands. Exterminators must not only eliminate the bees, but experts must also remove all evidence of the hive. Leaving behind the comb and honey attracts other pests that include flies and mice.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are some of the most destructive members of the rodent family. These small mammals enter homes and other structures by chewing through wood and drywall. After invading home interiors, rodents commonly create further destruction by collecting various materials for nesting. Telltale signs of rodent invasion include entrance holes and the unmistakable indiscriminate display of droppings. These animals carry many different disease causing agents that include bacteria, fleas and viruses.

The difficulty in eliminating these pests evolves around the fact that they reproduce so rapidly. A pair of mice or rats begin creating young at the age of eight weeks. Each litter contains four to eight young, who then mature and begin reproducing. Each rodent pair produces up to eight litters per year. These small creatures do not hold family gatherings in plain view, leaving homeowners to guess as to how many rodents the infestation contains. When constant trapping does not seem to reduce the rodent population, consult with a pest control expert who can not only eliminate the current population, but keep the animals from reinfesting the home.

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