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Five Facts about Wolf Spiders

common spiders in Pennsylvania

Wolf spiders are some of the scariest pests you’ll find in the northeast, mainly because of their burly appearance, more than the fact they’re venomous.

Facts about Wolf Spiders

Where They Got Their Name

They actively stalk prey, much like a wolf, which is where their name comes from! Wolf spiders will even actively chase their prey.

They Don’t Spin Webs

They are ground dwellers, normally nesting in burrows.

They Have Great Eyesight

Since a majority of their hunting is done at night, it is suitable that they are able to see very well at night due to a disk located behind their eyes.

They Are Venomous

But…they’re scaredy cats! You are very intimidating to them, so they are much more likely to run away from you than attack, unless provoked, of course. The bite can very painful, typical reactions include pain and redness, which will subside in time.

What They Eat

Unlike other spiders, their prey is big and often hard to catch. They primarily eat crickets, roaches, beetles, and mealworms.

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