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Do Rodents Hibernate?


The weather is cooling, and if you remember anything about science class, you know some animals are getting ready for a long winter’s nap. Before you get too excited to rest from your mouse and rat worries, you need to brush up on your rodent knowledge.

Do Rodents Hibernate?

Yes! Well, some of them do. Prairie dogs, ground squirrels, chipmunks, and meadow jumping mice make the list of rodents who snooze all winter. However, the ones that don’t hibernate are the exact ones you don’t want in your home: house mice and rats.

These rodents come into your home to stay cozy throughout the winter, and you’ll find they aren’t very restful, scurrying around at all hours of the day and night. Here are some sign’s they’ve moved in:

  • Feces
  • Holes in food bags
  • A putrid smell
  • Scurrying noises in walls and attic
  • Nesting material

Don’t Deal with a Rodent Problem on Your Own.

The mice and rats that take over your home don’t hibernate, so you can’t sleep peacefully throughout the winter season without worrying about them. Contact the professional exterminators at Green Pest Solutions at 855-312-7157. We’ll perform a free estimate and get to work to help keep your home safe and pest-free.

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