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How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

And Why They Might Be There

How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

You don’t want to find ants anywhere. But, you especially don’t want to find ants in your car! If you’re dealing with the pesky pests in your vehicle, do you know why and what to do? Find out.

Why You Might Find Ants in Your Car

Ants make their way into your vehicle for the same reasons they enter your home:

  • They found a reliable source of food. Are you or the kids snackers in the car? You are likely to leave a few crumbs behind, which ants are happy to pick up.
  • They ended up there by accident. If you keep your car spic and span, it might seem unlikely they are there because of food. But, that doesn’t mean they didn’t start searching for it! Ants are foragers and need to cover a lot of ground to find sources of food. Your car may have been one stop out of many in search of food.

How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

Fortunately, ants are not likely to stay in your car for long, but you can help speed up the process.

  • Thoroughly clean your car of crumbs and sources of water.
  • Place an ant bait trap like the ones you use inside your home.
  • Move your car away from trees and grassy areas that might house ant colonies.

Just like in your house, these methods can take some time to work, but it’s better to start now than wait for them to head out on their own.

Ant Problem? Call the Pros at Green Pest Solutions.

It’s not likely you’ll find ants in your vehicle, but it’s very likely you’ll find them in your home. While there are some home remedies for ants, sometimes you need a little bit of extra help when they don’t seem to want to go away. That’s why Green Pest Solutions is here! We serve our neighbors in PA, DE, and NJ to help keep their homes pest-free and safe. Call us today at 855-312-7157 for more information about our ant control services.

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