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How to Prevent Centipede Invasions


Home Centipede Invasions A Centipede is an insect that is both frightening visually and frightening practically. It’s not enough that the centipede is perhaps one of the creepiest looking insects on the planet – they also tend to hide out in shaded, damp corners, which means that most homeowners only come across centipedes by surprise in showers, basements, and anywhere else they can stay hidden. No one wants to come face to face with a centipede, let alone when they’re at their most vulnerable. So ideally, you need to make sure that your home is prepared before the centipedes could invade, thus reducing the number of invasions and making pest control easier.

Centipede Prevention Tips

  • Reduce Clutter, Especially in Damp Areas

The most important thing you can do to prevent centipede invasions is to give them nowhere to hide. Remember, dark, damp areas are a favorite centipede spot. Try to reduce dampness around your entire home, and remove any items that centipedes could hide beneath.

  • Seal Cracks

You should also seal cracks that may represent hiding spots for centipedes in areas that get notoriously damp. For example, in your bathroom you may find cracks behind your cabinets or sink. These need to be sealed off as best as possible, otherwise centipedes can easily make a home inside.

  • Exclusion Strategies

Traditional exclusion strategies are also important. Centipedes come in from outdoors, so preventing their ability to enter your home is very important. Try to block off all cracks in windows, any space under your door, etc.

  • Additional Pest Control

Centipedes are actually their own form of pest control. They eat many of the very pests you try to get rid of. That’s why those that are “okay” with house centipedes actually let them live inside of the home, since they are great at eliminating other pests. However, if you’re trying to get rid of centipedes, the opposing strategy can work as well – eliminate all other pests within your home, and you cut off the centipede food source.

Centipede Control With Green Pest

Centipedes may not be the most harmful pest out there, nor the most invasive, but they are still an unwelcome guest that may surprise you at the worst possible times. Centipede invasions can be prevented, but once they occur you may want to contact Green Pest today. We specialize in centipede control, and are pleased to offer $50 off the first service for new customers. Call now.

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