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Do Bed Bugs Spread Disease?

Adult Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are some of the most frightening pests to have inside of your home. They are nature’s little boogiemen – they hide under the bed, they come out when you’re sleeping, and they bite you anywhere skin is exposed.

Bed bugs take away your sense of safety and security, and until you call an experienced pest control expert, they will continue to affect your sleep and your comfort in your own home.

Blood Transfer and Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

One of the most common questions about bed bugs is whether or not they can spread disease. Mosquitoes, which also bite humans, are known to carry some illnesses from person to person. It stands to reason that bed bugs could carry the same risk.

Thankfully, it is not currently believed that bed bugs can carry most well-known blood borne diseases. Researchers gave bed bugs blood that had Hepatitis B, and had those same pests bite monkeys. They found that the disease was unable to reproduce in the bellies of the bed bugs, so no disease was passed back to the monkeys.

Numerous studies have confirmed this theory with other diseases, like HIV. There is simply no evidence that traditional blood borne diseases are able to pass from person to person through the bite of one of these insects.

Are There Any Diseases That Pass From Bed Bug to Human?

Adult Bed Bugs

Adult Bed Bugs

Even though bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease, they have been linked to a risk for a few rare infections. Bed bugs are known to carry a variety of bacteria that – in some extreme cases – can lead to severe infections when a bed bug bite is scratched too hard. One such infection – MRSA – is considered very dangerous. However, research still hasn’t confirmed that MRSA can be caused directly by bed bugs. It’s possible, but right now the idea is unproven.

Clearing Your Home of Bed Bugs

So you can rest assured that bed bugs should not cause any known diseases, with the possible exception of a bed bug bite allergy and infection risk due to scratching. But of course, when you have bed bugs, it’s often extremely difficult to rest at all.

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