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Flea Versus Bed Bug Bites

What Bug Is Biting You?

Bed Bug Mosquito Bites

It’s a nightmare in the making! You wake up one morning and notice bug bites on your legs, arms, or stomach. There are many bugs that might be the culprit, so how do you know what is biting you and how to handle it? Learn how to identify flea versus bed bug bites.

Flea Versus Bed Bug Bites


Bed Bugs: Bed bug bites are small, clustered, red, and possibly itchy or burning a few days after exposure. If you find these bumps on exposed areas of your skin after sleeping in your bed, there is a good chance you’re dealing with bed bugs. However, bed bugs can be found in other areas of your home, like carpeting and couches.

Fleas: It is possible for fleas to hop from your pooch to your carpet, your bed, and even you! These tiny, bouncy bugs leave humans with little red bumps over large areas of the body. If you have pets and they’re itching, too, the culprit is likely fleas.


Bed Bugs: Most people know hotels can harbor bed bugs. But, did you know bed bugs can be found on public transportation and other communal areas? These bugs hitch a ride on soft items like suitcases, jackets, and clothes, and make their way to your home.

Fleas: Fleas are often found in unruly yards, where they can have a safe place to hide. They come into your home on your pets or on your clothes.


Bed Bugs: There are a few solutions for getting rid of bed bugs. Many people use heat treatments, as this kills the adults and eggs.

Fleas: There are many ways to get rid of fleas, starting with treating your pets for the pest. You will also need to vacuum thoroughly and often.

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