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How to Safely Kill Ants in Grass

Three Methods

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Nothing ruins a picnic sooner than having ants crawling onto your blanket and toward your food. And it’s hard to enjoy watching your kids roll around in the grass when you know there’s an anthill nearby. Plus, those ants getting into your house are coming from somewhere. Read on to learn how to kill ants in grass to bring joy back to your lawn and prevent the pesky pests from making their way indoors.

How to Kill Ants in Grass

The only way to truly get rid of ants is to eliminate the colony. While you can kill the ones you see randomly, it won’t help solve the larger problem.

Use a Lure

Using a lure is the most effective way to get rid of ants. Ants send out scouts for food who then return to share their bounty and encourage other ants to go to the location of the food. The trick? The lure food is actually poison, and the ant brings it back and kills the colony. Place the delayed poison lure in a spot your kids and pets won’t find it, and it will easily take care of your ant problem.

Try Boiling Water

Did you know spilling boiling water down an ant hill can help eliminate the colony? It’s not as effective as a lure, but it can still help address your ant problem. First, you need to identify where the anthill is. Boil water in your teapot and very carefully bring it to the anthill. Pour it over the mound, which will make the hill cave in and kill any ants still inside. Be sure to wear protective clothing if you are dealing with aggressive ants! Check back a few days later and repeat the process if there are still some ants roaming around.

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