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How to Set up a Carpenter Bee Trap

How to Make This Natural Bee Control Solution

Carpenter Bee Trap

Carpenter bees got their name from where they build their nests: in wood. You might find them in trees, your home, your back deck, and other structures. They prefer softwoods that are at least two inches thick. There are multiple ways to deal with this stinging pest, including setting up a carpenter bee trap. This special trap looks like a wooden birdhouse with a small hole to get inside. The trick? There is a bottle at the bottom that lets in the perfect amount of light to bait the bees out. They get trapped in the bottle die. Easy, and chemical-free! Making your own is simple, if you’re comfortable with woodworking. Read on to learn how to set up your own carpenter bee trap.

How to Set up A Carpenter Bee Trap

You’ll need a long piece of wood, saw, drill, hammer, nails (screws or wood glue), and a water bottle.

Step One: Cut four 8″ sides, two 7″ pieces for the roof, and one 6″ piece for the bottom.

Step Two: Put together the sides of the house using nails, screws, or wood glue. Attach the roof pieces side-by-side on the top.

Step Three: Drill 1/2″ holes into three sides of the trap close to the top. Angle them at about 45-degrees so light doesn’t come in and show them an exit.

Step Four: Drill a hole in the bottle cap. Then drill a hole on the bottom that matches the exact size of the bottle cap. You can glue in the bottle cap to help it stay if it isn’t completely snug.

Step Five: Attach the bottom of the trap to the top. Then screw the bottle into the cap, creating your trap. Add a hook or string to the top so you can hang it.

Step Six: Place it where you have seen the carpenter bees. Once the trap is full, simply empty it, and screw it back in to catch more.

Do You Have A Carpenter Bee Problem?

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