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Most Common Bugs Found in Apartments

Four You Might Find

Bed Bug Mosquito Bites

Having close neighbors is one of the benefits—and sometimes drawbacks—of living in an apartment complex. While your human neighbors might seem nice, you might have some neighbors you didn’t expect: pests. Learn the most common bugs found in apartments.

Most Common Bugs Found in Apartments

  1. Bed Bugs: Bed bugs hitch rides into homes and building on mattresses, couches, and clothing. As you’re getting ready to meet the new neighbor moving in, you might run into this pest, too. If bed bugs fall off the furniture during move-in, you might just pick some up as you walk inside or bring in your own new furniture.
  2. Fleas: Fleas are another pest like that to hitch rides inside.  If your neighbor’s pooch isn’t up to date on their flea meds, he might walk inside, bringing along fleas with him. And like bed bugs, they might just hop on you (or your pet), too.
  3. Termites: Termites are opportunists, and an apartment building can present many opportunities for food. Everyone should inspect for termites every six months, and if your neighbor isn’t diligent in searching for this destructive pest, the infestation may expand to your apartment.
  4. Ants: This pest enters homes looking for sources of food. If your neighbor has a habit of leaving crumbs out and accessible, your apartment building seems like a great place to visit. As the ants are marching into your neighbor’s apartment, they might veer off and explore your home, too. Then, if you haven’t had the opportunity to sweep recently, your apartment will be marked as another stop for food.

Bonus pest: rodents. Mice and rats enter buildings in search of a safe place to nest and find food. Oftentimes, they end up in between walls where there is little risk of running into predators, like you! As many apartments share walls, an access point into your neighbor’s home might lead rodents right to you.

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