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Six Most Common Types of Spiders Found in NJ

What You Might See

Six Most Common Types of Spiders Found in NJ

We find our neighbors in New Jersey have two different opinions about spiders. Some are terrified, wanting every spider out now. And others see the benefits of this eight-legged pest. Whether you’re team spider or team stay-far-away-from-me, learn about the six most common types of spiders found in NJ.

Common Types of Spiders Found in NJ

  1. Wolf Spider: While the wolf spider can bite, it is much more afraid of you than you are of it! Expect its first line of defense to be to run away. If bitten, wolf spider bites are painful but aren’t fatal.
  2. House Spider: Every home, every structure has house spiders. While you don’t want to run into one, they are harmless and can’t bite you.
  3. Yellow Garden Spider: There are multiple garden spiders you might see, the yellow garden spider being one of them. They might look scary, but this spider is harmless and benefits your garden.
  4. Brown Recluse: The brown recluse spider isn’t one you want to bite you. The venom causes injury and death to the surrounding tissues. Fortunately, like many other spiders, their first line of defense is to run away, so you probably don’t need to worry about being bitten if one walks in your path.
  5. Grass Spiders: Like the name suggests, you’ll find these arachnids outside, most often in your garden. Although they do have fangs like most spiders, they are harmless to humans because the fangs are too tiny to bite through skin.
  6. Sac Spiders: Similar to the brown recluse spider, the yellow sac spider can bite and cause mild necrosis (less severe than brown recluse bites). The bite is their last defense, and you’re only likely to be bitten if they get caught in your clothing and feel threatened. Otherwise, they’ll probably run away from you.

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