Squirrels in Your Attic? What to Do Next


It’s the middle of the morning, and suddenly you hear scurrying in the attic. You figure it’s a type of rodent, but what, you’re not sure. It’s the time of day that’s going to help you narrow down your choices. At night, you are likely dealing with a raccoon upstairs. If you hear noises during the day, you likely have squirrels in your attic. This rodent gnaws on walls, timbers, cables, and electric wiring, so it needs to go. What do you do?

The best option is to give your local wildlife services a call. If you are a Pennsylvania resident, Pennsylvania Wildlife Services can assist you with any small animal removal like squirrels, raccoons etc. New Jersey and Delaware residents should search for their local wildlife services and give them a call. Since squirrels are considered wildlife and can’t be treated the same way as mice and rats, local wildlife services is the best option.

If a squirrel is already comfy and you want to remove it yourself right away here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Remove any food that may be attracting the squirrel in your attic; they won’t necessarily stay inside all day, but they might return if they know there is a snack waiting for them.
  2. Lay the trap along the path of entry and other places the squirrel is known to visit.
  3. Wait for the squirrel to go inside the trap.
  4. Relocate it to someplace four to five miles away, or it might return to your house looking for more food or a familiar place to sleep.
  5. Seal up and repair any holes to prevent further uninvited guests.

When in Doubt, if You Have Squirrels in Your Attic, Call Your Local Wildlife Services.

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