Summer Barbecue Pests – and What to Do About Them

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs on the Grill

If you’re like most people on the East Coast, most of your summer is spent outdoors, out on the barbecue, cooking up some delicious meats and corn. It’s also a great time to be bothered by some of Pennsylvania’s most irritating barbecue pests. There are some pests that are notorious for bothering you at the barbecue, and unless you solve the issue, they can make it hard to host a fun event.

Pests that Bother Barbecues

Any outdoor insect can invade your barbecues, but there are several you need to watch out for. These include:

  • Mosquitoes – The most common BBQ pest is the mosquito. They sense all of the breaths from you, your family, and your guests, and they hover towards you – especially as it gets darker. If you’re fond of sunset barbecues, chances are you’ve ended up with multiple mosquito bites all over your body.
  • HornetsHornets have an attraction to the sodas and beers that are left out during your barbecue, and they also have a tendency to fly on food. They tend to not be very dangerous so far away from their nests, but unfortunately they can be hard to see and easy to accidentally bump, and that could cause a painful sting.
  • Ticks – If you haven’t been taking care of your landscape, you may also have ticks. Ticks are biting pests related to the spider that can spread disease, and are a risk for children and dogs that play in the yard while you’re cooking.
  • Ants – If you’re not careful, your barbecue may also be invaded by ants. Ants send messengers out to search for food, and if they find any of your meal lying around on a table or on the ground they may come in bunches.

How to Control for These BBQ Pests

Every single type of pest has its own do it yourself control methods. Mosquitoes can be controlled by removing all standing water so they have no place to keep their young. Hornet nests can be removed, although this can be difficult. Ticks can be prevented with excellent landscape maintenance. Ant nests can be destroyed with a mixture of Borax, sugar, and a little bit of luck.

But the best way to eliminate BBQ pests is to use prevention and control services by Green Pest Solutions. Our Green Band Protection system is a great way to keep these pests away and prevent them from affecting your barbecue. Contact us today at 877-636-9469 to find out more.

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