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There is nothing as important as your security. But when insects and rodents invade your home, that security is quickly eliminated. From bed bugs to mosquitos to spiders to termites, pests take away that sense of comfort that you have living or working on your property, and in some cases you may be at risk for disease, home damage, legal issues and more after these pests invade.

You need a Delaware pest control company with local ties and affordable, effective solutions to prevent pests from invading and eliminate those that have already entered. That’s what you’ll receive with Green Pest Solutions.

Our Delaware Pest Control Services

Green Pest Solutions is a local Delaware pest control company that can eliminate all types of pests. Our premier service is our Green Band Protection program – a quarterly service that eliminates unwanted pests both inside and outside the home using our modern and effective integrated pest management solutions.

Our Green Band system will protect your property from over 50 different types of pests. We also have specialty services for pests that require individualized care, such as:

  • Termites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Nest and hive removal

We offer some of the most affordable pricing in the industry, a history of outstanding customer service, and the knowledge that Delaware residents have grown to trust.

Delaware Termite Control

We’re also one of the leading providers of termite removal in Delaware. We have comprehensive termite solutions that help prevent the nearly 7 billion dollars in property damage that termites cause every year. We eliminate all termite colonies – most commonly Eastern Subterranean Termites – and work to keep them from coming back. Our termite control is so highly regarded that we’ve partnered with countless real estate agents and companies, and provide WDIR (wood destroying insect reports) at your request.

Commercial Pest Control in Delaware

While many of our clients are residential, we also offer comprehensive commercial pest control solutions that can be customized to the size of your company. All of our services can be scaled according to your needs, and we’re happy to discuss with you how Green Pest Solutions can help you avoid any serious pest problems on your property.

Contact Green Pest Solutions Today!

If you’re interested in pest extermination and are ready to eliminate any and all bothersome pests in and around your home, contact Green Pest today. Our operators are happy to schedule an appointment or discuss with you the solutions that make sense for your needs.

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