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Pest Prevention - 5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Many people look forward to the winter, because there tends to be a decrease in pests. Many insects die, hibernate, or migrate during the winter months, and while rats/mice may still be active, by winter most of them have already found a home to invade.

So for the homeowner, that can often mean that your home is relatively pest free. But spring and summer are around the corner, and if you get started now you can improve your ability to fight pests all throughout the year.

How to Protect Your Pests Before They Become a Problem

  • Start Exclusion – The most important place to start is with exclusion, which is the process of sealing up all potential entranceways so that pests can’t get inside. Most pests do not break into homes. They enter by accident or on instinct in search of warmth and food. Some pests do not even want to be in your home, but find themselves there through a crack in the window and cannot get out. Close off even the smallest of holes, or call a pest control expert like Green Pest Solutions to seal your home for you.
  • Move Your Moist WoodTermites and carpenter ants seek out wet wood, especially firewood, in the spring and summer. If you have firewood around your home, it’s best to move it now and find a place for it where it will not get wet or attract any insects. Even if you plan to use it, a dry area for your firewood is a smart solution.
  • Consider Xeriscaping or Landscape Overhauls – If you’ve ever considered landscaping your home, consider doing it in winter. Winter are when you can get some of the best prices for landscaping, and some strategies – like xeriscaping (landscaping with less plants and grass to reduce water use) will create new designs that will not attract as many insects.
  • Trim Your Trees and Bushes – Tree trimming is often much easier to do in winter, when the leaves have fallen off. Take the time to trim your trees and bushes now, and you won’t have as much greenery on weaker branches attracting some of the pests in the area.
  • Get a One Time Pest Control Treatment – Some pests will hide themselves or their eggs in and around your home in the winter in preparation for spring and summer. One more pest control treatment at this time of year can be a great way to ensure that any remaining/hiding pests are gone and that you’re unlikely to get an unpleasant surprise in the warmer months.

Also, be careful while you’re traveling as bed bugs do not care about seasons, and pay attention for signs of rodents as these pests may hide in your home all year. The more you prepare for summer pest control now, the more likely you will be able to prevent pests all throughout the year.

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