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Are Pests a Problem in the Winter?

Winter in the Pennsylvania can get very cold. Most of the pests that you see flying around during the spring and summer appear to start disappearing. You’ll find less cricket sightings in your home, and you’ll be much less likely to run into some bees flying around your garden flowers. If you walk outside, it would seem like most pests are gone. There is almost nothing flying in the air or crawling along the sidewalk. Indeed, most pests die or hibernate during the winter months.

The Pests That Remain

But not all pests disappear once winter hits, and not all homes are going to be pest free. There are still several pest issues that could affect you in winter, including:

  • Bed Bugs – Winter vacations are a prime time to catch bed bugs. Bed bugs do not care about seasons, and are most often caught on trips/vacations where the person comes into contact with bed bugs at a hotel or motel. You have to be careful, and not let your guard down just because other pests are gone.
  • Rats/Rodents – Mice and rats are notorious for entering homes in winter. This is because they get cold and seek out warmth in Pennsylvania homes. Green Pest Solutions is called all winter to handle rodent invasions, which are especially common in older homes that have more entrance points.
  • Sleeping Insects – You may also find that some insects are hiding inside your home, or laid eggs inside of your home. Spiders may hide in some places staying warm as they weight for food, and several species of pest may leave eggs in the warmth around your home that is waiting to hatch.

Pests may not be as prone to entering homes in the winter as they are in the summer, especially since many are dead or hibernating. But there can still be risks, and certainly when the spring comes, many of those pests that were hibernating will quickly wake up and start exploring. If you need pest control in winter, or you want to prepare for spring, don’t forget to call Green Pest Solutions today.

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