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How Much Does a Flea Exterminator Cost?

And What You Can Do

How Far Can Fleas Jump?

Are you itching to get rid of your flea infestation? Learn how much a flea exterminator might cost and what you can do on your own.

How Much Does a Flea Exterminator Cost?

The cost for flea extermination varies throughout the country and depends on the size of your home. On average, a flea extermination service costs between $270 and $300, though prices have been reported between $50 and $450. The severity of your infestation is also taken into consideration because some might require more than one treatment.

How to Prevent Fleas

At Green Pest Solutions, we believe preventative measures are the best way to handle pests. Here are some steps you can take to prevent fleas:

  • Treat your pet with flea/tick medications. Pets tend to be a flea’s ride into your home, so flea and tick medications can help prevent an infestation. Check with your vet to see what they recommend!
  • Seal Cracks. Fleas are looking for food, and your pet might be the perfect snack. They might find a crack that gives them enough space to invade your home looking for their next meal. Seal any open spaces to help prevent an infestation.
  • Keep your lawn tidy. Ticks love to hide in long grasses, fallen branches, and bushes. They hide where they feel safe, and latch onto humans and animals that walk by. Clearing out the clutter and keeping your grass at a reasonable length with regular mowing will reduce hiding spots and ultimately reduce ticks.

How to Get Rid of This Pest

  • Use baking soda. Sprinkle salt and baking soda liberally on your carpet or affected area, and leave it overnight to dehydrate the larvae and eggs. Vacuum up any residue.
  • Flood your yard. This can drown and wash away the flea larvae and eggs, so the whole life cycle can’t repeat itself. Plus, it also rids your yard of adult flea feces, which is a source of food for the larvae.
  • Wash all your clothes and bedding. This can help kill flea eggs and prevent the lifecycle from starting over again. Use the highest temperature allowable for the fabric.
  • Simply contact your neighborhood pest pros at Green Pest Solutions. We offer home and commercial pest services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Call us today at 855-312-7157.
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