How to Prevent Black Widow Invasions

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow SpiderEveryone fears spiders, and that fear is probably unfair. Very few spiders bite humans, most that do only produce a reaction similar to a mosquito bite, and even the most venomous spiders rarely cause any life threatening disease.

The exception is the black widow spider – one of the only spiders that can cause a bite that can be fatal. Every year, hundreds of people are bitten by black widows and most need medical attention to avoid more serious complications.

Elimination through Prevention

Black widow spiders are a docile spider species, and will only bite when they feel directly threatened. The problem is that black widows tend to live in areas that are well hidden. This causes them to bite a bit more often than other docile spider species because one of the most likely reason you will encounter a black widow is by accidentally invading their “space.”

Luckily, black widows are not a brave spider. If you can eliminate their favorite hiding spots, black widow spiders become much less likely to move onto your property, and thus you would be able to eliminate the black widow population on your property through black widow prevention.

Areas where black widows live include:

  • Large fire wood piles
  • Dark, damp wood sheds
  • Cluttered basements
  • Wood boards, especially if they offer hiding spots
  • Thick plant life, often when unkempt

Black widows may live anywhere they feel hidden, so any time you move any outdoor objects, you should be careful about the possibility of encountering a black widow web. But the above areas are the most common places to find black widows.

Prevent Black Widows, Prevent Their Bites

You can see why black widow bites occur – all of the areas where black widows live are hidden, and so people disturb them accidentally. Since black widows are also black, many people disturb the nests without realizing it only to find themselves with a painful and possibly dangerous bite as a result.

Luckily, prevention can often reduce the likelihood of a black widow bite, and a few simple spider treatments can drastically reduce the likelihood that any type of spider or biting insect puts you or your family in danger.

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