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Mosquitoes can become the bane of anyone’s existence during a warm summer night. These pests can spread disease and make it unbearable to sit outside under the stars. Here are some tips to remove mosquitoes before they become a problem or while waiting for the exterminator.

Here’s a quick article we came on one of our favorite sites, The article discusses the rise of WNV in some California cities. Still a ways from Philadelphia, but with summer right around the corner you can never be too safe.

How can you identify hotels with bed bug problems? What can you do to avoid taking this problem home with you? If you have bed bugs, what do you do to get rid of them? Fortunately, there are answers to all those questions and tips to help you deal with this growing problem.

Ants are troublesome pests that can easily find entry into houses and bite unsuspecting people or pets. They can even be dangerous if a person is allergic to a particular ant’s bite. This is why it’s important to call upon Green Pest Solutions to use professional and proper ant control to stop ants from getting into a house.

Cockroaches are more than a nuisance because they easily multiply in large numbers and are difficult to control. The best method to preventing a roach infestation is to tackle the problem once it is noticed.

Keeping up with our recent focus on bed bugs, here’s an informational and funny video on Bed Bugs we found while surfing youtube.

Here is part two of a great Q & A the New York Times had with readers on how to deal with some common pest problems that plague us the the northeast. For anyone that missed part one we posted it last week.